The Draytones – ‘Today’s Memories’ album review

The Draytones
‘Today’s Memories’
6 track EP
Forever on Records

“Very exciting times over here! Forever On Records is one of the most exciting things we’ve done as a band”.

Just landed on my desk is the album I’ve been waiting for The Draytones incredible new ‘Today’s Memories’.
We’ve been been huge supporters of The Draytones at Broccoli for as long as we can remember, we have all their music on limited edition vinyl (good to pass on to the grandkids one day) and when the band told us they were putting their new album in the post we had to make sure they sent us more than one copy to stop any potential mass office brawls for the album.

So on goes the album and silence hits the Broccoli office (which hasn’t happened for as long as I can remember) as we’re all enchanted by six truly stunning tracks.

Stand out track on the album is ‘This Will Always Hurt’. Two minutes twelve seconds of pure pleasure with proper rock n roll riff’s you just can’t help but move to. This track has all the beautiful elements you expect from The Draytones making yet another classic for the band.

This is a must buy album.
The Draytones have pushed the boundaries exploring new heights musically and lyrically producing what can only be described as a piece of art. The Draytones are clearly one of this generations greatest bands and long may they continue to entertain our ears.

ALbum fact:
‘Lemon Trees’ features Chris’s unborn child’s heartbeat at the end of the track…how cute it that?!

We last had The Draytones play for us at The December Sessions event at The 02 last year. As usual the band stole the show with their flawless performance and stage presence.
We grabbed them for a quick chat on the British Music Experience bus, check it out…

We put The Draytones forward to perform at this years Strawberry Fields Festival where the band will be performing on the main stage on the same day as The Charlatans!
Tickets are now on sale so click here and come see The Draytones live this summer!

So you’re going to have to go buy ‘Today’s Memories’ to listen to more music from the album, but we’re going to leave you with another classic from The Draytones, one of our all time favourites in the Broccoli office… ‘Keep Loving Me’

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